About the film

Dirty Laundry is a 16-minute short film, one of five selected as part of the Focus Features Africa First program for 2010. It tells the story of one guy who just wants to get his washing done.


It’s 1:08AM and Roger is doing his laundry at The Wishy Washy. For Roger this is merely routine, but tonight there’s something strange in the laundromat’s water.

Before the night is out Roger will be abused by a middle-aged philandering businessman, subjected to severe scrotal attack by a short angry man, mistaken for a B-grade spy in a bathrobe, severely beaten, and finally scowled at by amorous teenagers.

And all Roger wanted was a 40-degree rinse and a mild spin cycle.

Dirty Laundry

Produced by Stealth Donkey Moving Pictures.

In association with the National Film and Video Foundation.

Made with the support of the Focus Features Africa First Program. Kisha Cameron-Dingle, program director.